About the collection

About the collection

Installatiefoto Bernd, Hilla en de anderen - Fotografie uit Düsseldorf, Huis Marseille, 2018 © Eddo Hartmann (13)

The Huis Marseille collection holds over 500 photographs. Most of this collection is made up of internationally oriented contemporary photography, with a special interest in contemporary Dutch, South African and Japanese work.

Since the inception of Huis Marseille in 1999, its exhibition programme and its collection have formed the two principal elements shaping the museum’s profile. Huis Marseille exhibitions are a laboratory for its collection, and vice versa. Huis Marseille, once a large private house, is a building whose rooms have opened naturally and organically into exhibition spaces; content and form go hand in hand. In several ways Huis Marseille is a platform for the ‘particularization’ of photography, for example in that it selects the more radical and autonomous works within a photographer’s own oeuvre.

Since photographs are light-sensitive Huis Marseille is unable to display its collection permanently. However, regular thematic selections are continually drawn from the collection to create exhibitions of works that are (inter)connected and contextualized in ways other than by means of the usual chronological, monographic, or stylistic exhibition forms. The exhibition Viewpoint: A Closer Look At Showing (14.9.2012 – 9.12.2012), which is about looking and being looked at, inspiration and derivation, is an example.

Online catalogue

Almost all the museum’s collected works can be found in its online catalogue in the form of low resolution images and summary descriptions.

The H+F Collection

Huis Marseille also has 120 photographs and films on loan from the H+F Collection of the private collector Han Nefkens. These can be seen at www.hfcollection.org.