Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct way to bring my work to the attention of the curator? Or to get my photobook in the store?

Huis Marseille is always interested in new work, special publications and interesting proposals. However, in view of the large number of offers and the limited size of our staff, we ask you to observe our procedure for the submission of photographic material and publications.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Due to the historical character of the two canal houses in which Huis Marseille is located, the museum is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Can I rent the museum (or part of it)?

Huis Marseille does not rent out its spaces for (commercial) activities such as receptions, get-togethers, weddings or exhibitions that were not initiated by Huis Marseille itself.

Are there any career opportunities at the moment?

Because the museum works with a small staff (and usually without interns), vacancies are rare. If there is a job offer, it is usually communicated through our social media channels.