Huis Marseille, winkel, 2022 © Eddo Hartmann

In the specialized photo bookstore of Huis Marseille, you will find a carefully curated selection of national and international photo books by leading and emerging photographers, along with Huis Marseille’s own publications, unique postcards, and stylish merchandise.


In the world of art photography, the photo book occupies an important place. A good book is not easy to make. It involves a complex process in which paper selection, printing, design, and image sequence all play an important role. Equally important is the often invisible world of passionate graphic designers, printers, and publishers who all collaborate to make these projects possible.

In the end, a good photo book tells a powerful and well-considered story, not only in the printed images but also in the materiality of the object itself. To really appreciate a book, you must therefore be able to hold it, physically, in your hands.

In Huis Marseille’s store, you can get acquainted with an extensive selection of the best photo books available. Our staff maintains close ties with international publishers as well as with smaller outfits and self-publishing photographers. We are constantly looking for special photo books and can regularly offer books that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Special editions

Whenever possible, Huis Marseille collaborates with their exhibiting photographer(s) in making a special edition that is sold during the current exhibition. Such an edition is produced exclusively for the museum and is strictly limited. With a price level of around 300 euros, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a genuine work of art.

Merchandise and postcards

In addition to photo books, the museum store offers a fine selection of merchandise and a large assortment of unique postcards that can be bought exclusively at Huis Marseille.


In our new webshop you can buy a curated selection of special editions, merchandise in collaboration with artists, and other items. Visit it here.