Press releases

Huis Marseille issues a press release for each exhibition. Press releases are commonly the same text as the exhibition text on our website.

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Press images

Huis Marseille Museum for Photography provides images for use when reporting on the exhibitions and the promotion of the museum itself. The image files are delivered in high resolution for printing and in a lower resolution for use online. The images are for one-time use only. The copyright for the use and publication of an image lies with the entitled artist and / or photographer.

Please contact us to request use of the press images.

Rights and credits

We can provide visual material of the current and upcoming exhibition(s), as well as general images of Huis Marseille Museum for Photography. We cannot authorize the publication of images from our collection that are not shown in current or upcoming exhibitions. This permission must be obtained from the owner of the image’s rights, not from Huis Marseille.

When publishing press images of an exhibition, the name of the photographer / artist must be mentioned, as well as the title and year of the artwork. This information, and other conditions and rules for reproductions, are also mentioned in a PDF which will be supplied with the images. For images of works from our permanent collection Collection Huis Marseille, Amsterdam should also be noted. Where requested, you must also mention the courtesy.

When publishing general press images of Huis Marseille, the name of the museum and the photographer of the images should be mentioned.

Proof copies

You are requested to observe the conditions of publication (both above and in the PDF sent along with the images) and send two proof copies of the publication in which the images are included to:

Huis Marseille
attn. Benjamin van Gaalen
Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

In the case of online media, we would like to receive a link.


If you like to request more information, other materials or an interview, please contact:

Benjamin van Gaalen
press, publicity & online
T: +31 (0) 20 531 89 87
E: benjaminvangaalen[at]huismarseille[dot]nl