Huis Marseille has a large number of monographs by internationally renowned as well as other talented photographers from all over the world. In addition, the library contains various overviews of the history, technique, and theory of photography, as well as many other subjects. Of course, there are also special, antiquarian and rare copies and special editions in the library collection.


The library is open to all visitors of the museum during opening hours (daily: 10–18h, Thursday: 10–21h) (with a valid entrance ticket). The books are only available for inspection. A large part of the collection is in the library and can be taken from the shelfs – however, you are requested not to put the books back on the shelf yourself. The rest of the collection, including special, antiquarian and rare copies and special editions, will be kept elsewhere and can only be viewed on request at the reception.


The catalogue can be consulted on the website (in Dutch only), a joint venture between the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Huis Marseille and Foam. Here you can search by photographer, author or keyword. Enter the surname or keyword in the relevant field and click on the list icon to select your search term. For each hit, the following information is given: place code (the first letter indicates the type of book): M=monography, A=anthology, E=event, COL=collection), institution (Huis Marseille) and location (on request or for inspection). If Huis Marseille is listed as an institution, you can use the above information to pick up the book in the library or request it at the reception.


In the display to the left of the chimney, a new selection of books is highlighted for each exhibition, providing context and depth to the work currently on display in the museum. The subjects to the right of the fireplace contain the anthologies (subcategories: documentary, topographical, history, portrait, environment, theory, photo history, technique, advertising, fashion, science, others) and books related to a particular event (exhibition, photo festival, etc.) or a collection. In the racks on the other wall and in the middle of the space are the monographs, arranged from A to Z (by the last name of photographer).


In the library, you can use the reading table. WiFi is available. It is not possible to copy or scan. As in the entire museum, large bags and umbrellas, eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited.


The library sometimes functions as a meeting room; visitors can then temporarily have no access to the library.