From the series’ Lebanon, Beirut Post-Explosion, 2020 © Myriam Boulos

The tragic impact of Tuesday’s massive explosion—which blew out windows at Beirut’s airport more than five miles from the blast site and rendered 200,000 people homeless, according to Beirut’s governor, who estimated the cost of the damage at up to $5 billion—is compounded by the pressure it will exert on Lebanon’s already devastated economy. Amid scrutiny over the government’s culpability in the disaster, which left at least 135 dead and about 5,000 injured, Lebanon’s already volatile political climate is expected to further heat. For now, civil society groups have stepped in to fill the gaps left by the government.
-Lebanon, Beirut, on the 5th of August 2020. 
Ahmad takes a break to pray in Mar Mikhael. He is part of الشفاء a Palestinian association that is helping the victims of the explosion.