Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing

Accompanying the eponymous exhibition

The book Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing was published to coincide with the group exhibition of the same name in Huis Marseille.  The exhibition displays the work of eight contemporary artists and photographers who use Instagram to develop aspects of their art and to communicate about their practice. Infinite Identities. Photography in the Age of Sharing shows how this social media app can add a virtual layer to the art world, alongside the atelier, museum, or gallery.

The book accompanying the exhibition describes museum practices during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and raises questions about the future of the art world and the influence of social media on art itself. The appearance of a new, fleeting narrative form and iconography inspired by the social medium of Instagram underlaid the concept of both exhibition and book. Besides an introduction and eight chapters on the work of the participating photographers, the book also contains two (English-language) essays by the leading authors Jia Tolentino and Nathan Jurgenson on the context of the technological developments of recent years, in particular the influence of the internet and social media on our daily life.

A groundbreaking book that covers a broad range of subjects – from gender to migration, and from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Covid-19 pandemic – as well as a variety of genres within art and photography. An excellent source for anyone seeking to know more about these recent developments.

Beautifully designed by Wieden + Kennedy / 152 pages / 81 hybrid varnish full colour photos / 17 x 29 cm / Dutch & English / 8  artist profiles / texts by Nanda van den Berg, Nicky van Banning, Lotte van Es, Jia Tolentino & Nathan Jurgenson / ISBN 9789080522770 / € 34,95 / Order the book here