Infinite Identities

Photography in the Age of Sharing

Infinite Identities

Noora's Room, 2020 © Farah Al Qasimi. Courtesy of the Artist and Helena Anrather, New York; The Third Line, Dubai

© Nick Sethi

Coco Capitán, Something Deeper Baths Ltd. (In search for) Studies, Polaroids, 2019, at Coco Capitán- Naïvy, Maxmillian William, 11 September – 30 October 2020. Installation Shot. Credit Damian Griffiths.

© Martine Gutierrez

© Frida Orupabo

From the series 'Seniors in Solitude', 2020 © Santi Palacios

From the series 'The Ongoing Revolution', 2020 © Myriam Boulos

Covid Lockdown series, 2020 © Thomas Lohr

In the new group exhibition Infinite Identities / Photography in the Age of Sharing, which opens on Saturday 28 November in Huis Marseille, nine contemporary artists and photographers show how the photographic social medium of Instagram works for them as a digital podium, an archive, an atelier, a source of inspiration, and a locus of interaction and documentation. For Oroma Elewa, Martine Gutiérrez, Farah Al Qasimi and Coco Capitán, an Instagram account adds a new dimension to their exploration of a wide range of subjects including, for instance, gender and identity. Frida Orupabo’s Instagram account functions as archive material for her museological sculptures and collages, and the photographers Nick Sethi, Santi Palacios, Myriam Boulos and Thomas Lohr show, each in their own unique way, how Instagram Stories allow their followers to participate in their experiences and adventures, and how this leads to artistic work.

In Huis Marseille this digital inspiration is translated into autonomous museum installations. The exhibition clearly demonstrates that while the digital dimension enriches modern life, it cannot replace the artistic object itself or the museum experience. ‘Online’ is simply another link in an endless chain, the constant exchange of images and meanings that is so characteristic of our time. In Infinite Identities this exchange between online and physical experience has resulted in a high-profile exhibition with a focus on diversity and urgency.