Workshop street photography

What are the main differences between portrait and street photography? Are special techniques required for street photography? What makes it street photography, and which subjects lend themselves best for it? This expressive form of photography requires a clear view and a quick reaction: ‘le moment décisif’ (the decisive moment) as Henri Cartier Bresson described it.

This workshop teaches the pupils to capture street scenes as strong photographic images. The introduction in the museum will focus on a number of examples from the work of (famous) photographers. Afterwards, students will photograph in small groups on the street under the guidance of the workshop teacher. Attention will also be paid to modern media, such as smartphone photography. Back in the museum, the photos taken are viewed and compared, and the results can be taken home on a USB stick.


All levels

Max. participants

15 persons


2,5 hours


€225,- incl. museum entrance students, excl. museum entrance supervisors

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