Guided tours

of the current exhibition(s)

Guided tours

Foto: Almichael Fraay

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic tour guides will be delighted to take you around any or all of the current exhibitions in Huis Marseille. With new exhibitions mounted every three months, there is always something new to discover and to learn about photography at Huis Marseille. Our tours focus on looking, reflecting, and inquiring as a group.

These interactive guided tours last either 60 or 90 minutes, and can be given either in English or Dutch.

Max. participants

15 persons


at least 1 hour


€ 90,– per hour, €120,– per 1,5 hour (both excl. museum entrance)

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Cancellations A reservation may be cancelled or altered up to 5 working days before your planned visit to Huis Marseille, at no charge. Reservations cancelled later than this are, however, subject to payment in full.