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Vincent Delbrouck


Vincent Delbrouck

Vincent Delbrouck. Papaya, 2020

Vincent Delbrouck. Papaya, 2020

In Champú the Walloon photographer Vincent Delbrouck portrays Cuban teenage sentiment and still lives in an exuberant series of over a hundred photos made in Cuba between 2018 and 2021. The photos of these teenagers testify to their irrepressible energy, while Delbrouck captured the still lives while walking alone through the city: the images radiate a peaceful tranquillity.

Delbrouck’s photographic idiom is painterly and full of colour. He uses his photos to create his own fiction; he has described his photo series as ‘poetic documentaries’. He often combines his photographs with original texts and drawings to create collages. The painterly style of Delbrouck’s photography is particularly evident in Papaya.

Papaya is a colourful image that I made on the first day in Havana at the end of 2020, during the Covid period, while the sun was still making everything possible,’ says Vincent Delbrouck. Papaya is more than just a piece of buttery pulp in the sun. It leans languidly against the wall, its seeds suggesting the illusion of a perfect youth, juicy and eternal, lively and delicious.’

For Vincent Delbrouck Papaya is also a metaphor for the desire to make something happen; an image bursting with energy. And this painterly, vivid photo is also an essential link in the chain of images that together form a single enormous collage, that of Delbrouck’s impressions of Cuba, which he has visited regularly since 1997.

‘My photos are about life in Cuba, a life that is very difficult now,’ says Vincent Delbrouck, ‘and I realize that the photos I show are a bit more like paintings, of ‘eternal life’, of something everlasting, in the way that colours are eternal. Art is life, but life in Cuba is very hard. I don’t want my pictures to depress people – I want to show images that radiate life.’

Papaya is just such an image, and is available exclusively through Huis Marseille.

Vincent Delbrouck
Papaya, 2020
30 x 45 cm (excl. white border)
Inkjetprint op Hahnemuhle fine art 300g barite paper
Edition: 25 + 2 AP

The gift example in the museum shop was printed, mounted and framed by Zwaan Fotografie & Presentatie, Maasland. The print is mounted on Dibond and framed behind museum glass in a white veneered aluminium frame (white 35mm profile), with white spacing and an aluminium hanging profile. Zwaan can supply this for €138,72 (+ VAT).

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