Artist Talk

An afternoon with Vincent Delbrouck

in conversation with Nanda van den Berg

An afternoon with Vincent Delbrouck

Vincent Delbrouck

Between 2pm and 3pm on Sunday afternoon 21 November Nanda van den Berg, director of Huis Marseille, will be in conversation with Vincent Delbrouck on his practice as an artist and publisher of his own photobooks. This conversation will be held in the middle of Delbrouck’s exhibition Champú, which is on show in Huis Marseille until 5 December.

Vincent Delbrouck, or V.D. (Brussels, 1975), makes very personal work, a mix of autobiography and fiction; he himself describes his photo series as ‘poetic documentaries’. He often combines his photographs with his own texts and drawings to create collages.

Cuba, and especially the capital Havana, are a recurring theme in Delbrouck’s life and work. Another important country for him is Nepal; in 2009 he and his family spent a year in the capital Kathmandu. That period resulted in three photobooks on the Himalayas, and his current exhibition was the source of the photobook of the same name, Champú. “Self-publishing has become an obsession for me,” says Vincent Delbrouck, “and no matter the risks I take, I still find it exciting to create books in this way. Floating in between ‘mass production’ and a DIY process is the path. Sometimes it is exhausting to be on the front line, contacting all the book stores, fighting with distribution and promotion, and I want to quit, but at the end I still believe I can offer a special feeling with my books, by self-publishing.”

How does it work: making an exhibition, selecting the images, and then editing and producing a self-published book? From 2pm till 3pm on Sunday afternoon 21 November Vincent Delbrouck will be talking about his exhibition, his artistry, and his most recent photobook Champú.

Special discount on the book Champú

Ticket-holding visitors to the event on Sunday afternoon 21 November will be given a €10 discount on the purchase price of the photobook. Champú (full colour, 208 pages, 170 images, on glossy 170g paper) normally costs € 50, but on Sunday afternoon 21 November only, ticket-holders will be offered this photobook for just € 40.


€ 7,–


This programme will be in English.